NanoBond: The First Innovation to Cookware in Over 100 Years

Hestan NanoBond®, our flagship collection, is the first innovation to stainless steel cookware in 100 years. Its revolutionary cooking surface is 400% stronger than stainless steel. Thousands of titanium nanolayers protect your cookware from stains and scratches – ensuring a lifetime of beauty.

It took 25 years of relentless research to innovate the ultimate stainless steel cookware.

Protected by 14 global patents, Hestan NanoBond is used in America’s most acclaimed restaurant kitchens because of its superior heat control and generational durability.

We revolutionized the cooking surface with thousands of layers of molecular titanium to protect NanoBond from ever scratching, staining or discoloring like typical stainless steel. It heats fast like copper and cleans easily like nonstick – but without the worry of harsh chemicals.

Handcrafted in Italy. Forged from innovation. NanoBond is the greatest stainless steel pan ever made. We guarantee it.

NanoBond molecular titanium cookware


Reasons to Try Hestan NanoBond Molecular Titanium Cookware

1. Unparalleled Innovation

NanoBond is the first innovation to stainless steel cookware in over 100 years. With 14 global patents, Hestan is the first and only company to bring molecular titanium cookware to your home.

NanoBond saucepans on flame

2. 400% Stronger Than Stainless Steel

NanoBond® features thousands of titanium-based nano-layers bonded directly to 18/10 stainless steel. The resulting glass-like cooking surface is metal utensil safe and ensures the brilliant titanium luster lasts for generations.

NanoBond dishwasher safe

3. Easiest to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

The nonporous surface means no oil buildup, tarnishing, or staining. Sealed rims will never split or delaminate, making NanoBond® truly dishwasher safe, and you can even clean the super-durable surface with steel wool. No seasoning or special maintenance required.

NanoBond skillet
4. 100% Non-Toxic Cookware

Compared to traditional chemically treated non-stick cookware, NanoBond®'s chemical-free and nonporous surface is completely safe. And because the titanium is bonded directly to the stainless steel, you never have to worry about coatings flaking or peeling off. Plus, NanoBond® is safe for those with nickel allergies.

Scallops in NanoBond pan

5. 35% Greater Heat Conductivity

Our pure aluminum ProCore™ heats up faster for better browning, searing, and recovery compared to typical clad cookware. In fact, you may find yourself using less heat compared to other clad cookware.

 NanoBond saucepan pouring

6. Sustainable, Not Disposable

Cookware designed to last a lifetime is the ultimate in sustainability. With NanoBond's superior durability and brilliant easy-to-clean finish, you’ll no longer find yourself replacing pans year after year.

NanoBond flush rivets

7. Chef Designed Features

You'll find NanoBond® molecular titanium gleam in acclaimed kitchens across America. Its incredible durability coupled with incomparable heat conduction delivers reliable performance dish after dish. Its lighter weight and chef-inspired design cues like the French-inspired handle, flush rivets for easy cleaning, sealed rims to prevent delamination, and flared rims make NanoBond® an instant favorite on the line.

NanoBond high heat tolerant grill safe

8. High Heat Tolerant

Standard stainless steel has a limit of 600°F. Overheating a pan stresses the clad structure, resulting in uneven heating or even warping of the cookware. NanoBond® can safely handle temperatures up to 1050º F. So it’s the perfect pan for searing, broiling – or even open-fire cooking.

NanoBond after 40 years
9. Still Looks Brand New After 40 Years

Fresh out of the box or 40 years down the road — NanoBond® performs the same. By creating a cooking surface 400% harder than typical stainless steel, NanoBond® is engineered to last a lifetime and maintain its elegant beauty even longer, is resistant to scratching, staining, and salt pitting, like no other brand.

NanoBond made in italy stamp

10. Made in Italy

To make the best cookware in the world, we knew we had to make it in Italy. Just like anything in the kitchen, to create exceptional cookware, you must begin with exceptional ingredients. That applies to the best-in-class materials, machinery, and hands at work. This is why we built our cookware factories in the magnificent Bergamo and Bologna regions. This is why every piece of Hestan cookware is proudly stamped Made in Italy.

NanoBond 10pc set

11. Satisfaction Guaranteed and Lifetime Warranty

If for any reason you are not satisfied with NanoBond® performance, we offer free returns and a lifetime warranty on all of our cookware.