Culinary luxury handcrafted in Italy

In order to create the world’s most innovative cookware, we knew it had to be made in Italy. This is where luxury reigns supreme – where high-fashion meets world-class cuisine – and an infectious pride of craft permeates throughout.
Hestan Culinary

Revolutionary materials. Remarkable details.

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A constant pursuit of
culinary perfection.

Hestan is driven by a passion for innovation and elevating the culinary experience. We collaborated with some of the world’s greatest chefs to design our cookware. Then we built our own cookware factories in Italy so we could work with the world’s greatest craftsmen. The Bergamo and Bologna regions in particular are revered for their generations of exceptional craftsmanship and a perpetual desire to push the limits of performance. This is the seat of culinary excellence.
Hestan Culinary

Hestan Factories

We don’t just own the factories, we own the entire manufacturing process from design to construction to shipping. That is the only way to ensure our standards of quality.
Hestan Culinary

High Performance

We marry Italy’s precision machinery with our own proprietary technology, giving our craftsmen high-performance tools to create high-performance cookware.
Hestan Culinary

Meticulous Craftsmanship

You won’t find details like flush rivets or our chef-friendly ergonomic handle on any other cookware, because no other cookware brand commits this much attention to detail. In fact, most of them outsource the details.
Hestan Culinary

We don’t cut corners. We raise the bar.