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Energy efficient induction cooking for elevated performance.
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What is induction cooking?

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The Leaders in
Induction Cookware

Every piece of Hestan cookware is designed to work flawlessly on induction cooktops – including CopperBond. Every piece is handcrafted in our Italian factories with the finest materials, ensuring a lifetime of beauty and performance.
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ProBond Induction 4pc Set

Our portable induction cooktop paired with our best-selling ProBond TITUM Nonstick 11" Skillet and 3.5qt Stainless Steel Essential Pan

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NanoBond Induction 4pc Set

Our portable induction cooktop paired with our groundbreaking NanoBond 11" Skillet and 5qt Essential Pan

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

The key to induction performance is a strong magnetic material. Every piece of Hestan Cookware is crafted from 18/10 stainless steel to optimize performance on any burner - but especially induction.
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Innovative Geometry

The wider base of Hestan vessels creates a larger, sleeker surface to initiate better contact with induction cooktops. It also gives you 20% more cooking surface than other skillets and saucepans of the same size for better browning and searing.
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Easy Cleanability

Hestan makes cleaning your cookware as easy as induction makes cleaning your stovetop. From flush rivets to sealed rims, the details make the difference.


Why Induction Cooking?

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Why Chef Rachelle Cooks on Induction

Incredibly Quick Heating

Induction heats two to three times faster than on gas ranges or cooktops. Water boils in half the time. Pans are ready for searing in moments. It's the ultimate convenience.

Remarkable Control

Chefs have used induction for decades because of its precise and consistent temperature control, from the lowest melting setting to the highest heat searing. Plus, the heat disappears as soon as the power is turned off, eliminating the need to shuffle pans to cool.

Safer than Gas

With no open flame or harmful gas emissions such as methane, formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides, induction allows for better indoor air quality and less ventilation. Towels, paper or flammable surfaces cannot catch on fire. With over 80% heat efficiency, your kitchen stays much cooler.

Easy to Clean

No more lifting up heavy grates, the smooth, seamless cooktop surface makes cleanup a breeze. With induction cooking, foods won't burn onto the cooking surface like the old style flat top electric burners and ventilation grates stay cleaner.

Spotlight on Electric Induction Cooking
with Chef Rachelle Boucher!

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The Ultimate Induction Lineup

Hestan Induction Ranges and Rangetops marry chef-grade culinary power with the exceptional efficiency of induction. Since all of the heat goes directly into the cookware, your kitchen maintains its cool and the range stays safe to the touch.