Induction Copper

Copper Induction Stock Pot, 6-Quart


Induction Copper

Copper Induction Stock Pot, 6-Quart

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Showoff the beauty of copper with the stockpot that is ideal for cooking large quantities of soups, stews and stock, or cooking pasta.

100% Copper Core
Made In Italy
Induction Compatible
Nonreactive Stainless Interior
Oven & Broiler Safe to 600°F
Reinforced and Flared Rims
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For ultimate performance and modern elegance, equip the kitchen with a 6qt Hestan CopperBond Induction Copper Stock Pot. This durable and elegant stockpot has been constructed from 5-layers of 18/10 stainless steel and a 100% copper core for quick, even heating and exceptional temperature control. The stainless steel lid rests snug on the rim to lock in vital heat for rich, flavorful soups, broths, and stocks. Ergonomic handles have been designed for maximum comfort and control, and secured with flush rivets for easy cleaning and nesting storage capability. Handcrafted in Italy, this innovative, induction compatible stock pot is oven safe to 600°F for superior cooking versatility.

The Hestan Advantage
  1. 5-PLY COPPER INNOVATION: Sauté pan boasts a five layer, bonded construction with a thick 100% pure copper core for quick heating, exceptional temperature control, and even heat distribution
  2. INDUCTION COMPATIBLE: Revolutionary wrap-around stainless steel base for enhanced durability and induction ready efficiency
  3. FLUSH RIVETS - Chef-inspired flush rivets, make Hestan cookware easy to clean by preventing food build up. They are also ideal for stacking and nesting.
  4. NONREACTIVE: Features a modern copper-stainless exterior with a nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel interior for easy cleaning
  5. REINFORCED CONSTRUCTION: Rims are reinforced with stainless steel for durability and flared for drip-free pouring.
  6. OVEN SAFE: Durable stainless steel and copper pan is oven safe to 600°F
  7. MADE IN ITALY: Hestan cookware is handmade in Italy by skilled artisans
Details You'll Love
  • Reinforced rims
  • Beautiful and modern copper-stainless exterior
  • Oven safe to 600°F
  • Ergonomic handle for extra comfort
  • Stainless steel lid included
  • Superior pan geometry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handcrafted in Italy


    • Length: 14.5 in.
    • Diameter: 10.75 in.
    • Height with lid: 6.88 in.
    • Height without lid: 5.0 in.
    • Weight with lid: 5.39 lb.
    • Weight without lid: 4.19 lb.
    • Not compatible with the 8qt Pasta Insert
    Sku: 31597

      Use and Care

      • Suitable for all cooktops, including induction
      • Metal utensil safe
      • Oven and broiler safe; heat tolerant up to 600°F
      • Hand-wash; thoroughly dry with a soft cloth
      • We recommend Wright's Copper Cream for polishing and removing any discoloration.
      • Avoid using steel wool, scouring pads or harsh detergents
      • Copper will develop a natural patina over time. To restore the shiny appearance, use a copper polish and dry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth
      • Not recommended for the dishwasher


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        CopperBond’s 5-layer construction includes a 1mm core of pure copper for quick heating, exceptional temperature control and even heat distribution.

        Copper by nature has a tendency to change color or tarnish with use. Some people prefer this patina look but if you would like it to look shiny and new again, the luster can be brought back easily with copper polish. We recommend Wright’s Copper polish to restore the brilliance and remove discoloration.

        See a before & after photo here.

        Why CopperBond?

        Pure Copper Core

        100% Copper core protected by 5-layer construction gives you the incomparable heat conduction and control of copper reinforced with remarkable durability and cleanability. High-grade non-reactive stainless steel provides a resilient and easy-cleaning cooking surface.


        CopperBond’s wraparound magnetic stainless steel base is phenomenally-suited for induction. And once that reaction begins, the heat is conducted to the pure copper core for a breakthrough level of induction performance.

        Stunning Style

        CopperBond’s fresh and modern aesthetic combines a two-toned copper and polished steel exterior that complements its high performance with high style. And you don’t have to be afraid to actually cook with it.

        Chef Inspired Design

        Reinforced stainless rims guard against the inevitable whack of the whisk, while their flared design ensures drip-free pouring. Flush rivets prevent food buildup within the cooking surface and also allow for easy nesting storage.

        The Hestan Advantages

        Hestan Culinary

        Induction Optimized 

        Engineered for induction cooktops with a wraparound stainless steel base that creates greater contact area with your heat source.

        Hestan Culinary

        Exceptional Heat Conduction 

        100% pure copper core for quick heating, exceptional temperature control, and even heat distribution. Oven and broiler safe to 600F.

        Hestan Culinary

        Modern Design

        Modern two-toned copper and polished stainless steel exterior, handcrafted in our own factories in Italy to the highest standards of fit and finish.

        Hestan Culinary

        Ergonomic Handle

        Ideally weighted and French-inspired, ergonomic handle design for greater comfort and total control.

        Hestan Culinary

        Reinforced Rims

        Reinforced stainless rims guard against the inevitable whack of the whisk, while their flared design ensures drip-free pouring.

        Hestan Culinary

        Flush Rivets 

        Interior flush rivets prevent food buildup, allowing for easy cleaning. Pieces nest neatly within each other for practical storage.

        How to Clean

        Hestan Culinary
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