Introducing Provisions™ OvenBond: Ovenware, Reimagined

Hestan Culinary Launches New Ovenware Products and Accessories

Hestan Culinary, the premium cookware brand designed with thoughtful innovation and meticulous craftsmanship for a lifetime of high-quality performance, is excited to introduce its Provisions OvenBond Collection. Debuting their very own line of gourmet ovenware, Hestan Culinary’s Provisions OvenBond Collection includes bakers and sheet pans. Constructed from tri-ply clad stainless steel, the collection is engineered to be warp-resistant to maintain its shape for a lifetime of oven baking and roasting.

“We wanted to develop the highest quality ovenware suitable for both the professional chef and home cook alike,” said Pamela Stafford, Managing Director and Co-founder at Hestan Culinary. “Not only is the ovenware highly functional with a pure aluminum core for even cooking and browning, but it’s also stunningly beautiful with its contrasting brushed and polished stainless steel finish that ties back to our cookware collections."

Available now, the Provisions OvenBond Collection is the perfect addition to every kitchen in the lead up to holiday cooking and entertaining. New products within the Provisions OvenBond Collection include the OvenBond Sets (available in 3-piece and 5-piece sets); Sheet Pans available in quarter, medium and half sizes; and Square and Rectangular Bakers.

Top product features include:

  • Triple-bonded clad stainless steel with a responsive aluminum core designed to evenly conduct heat, producing beautifully browned goods and perfectly roasted foods.
  • Warp-resistant featuring wide curved handles, providing an easily accessible, firm hold when removing cookware from the oven, even when wearing oven mitts.
  • Stainless-steel interiors and polished exteriors giving a lasting aesthetic that keeps cookware looking newer, longer.
  • Broiler safe and oven safe up to 600°F, as well as dishwasher safe.

Additionally, Hestan Culinary will launch new accessories from its Provisions collection in the coming months, including colanders and mixing bowls. Earlier this year, Hestan Culinary launched the Classic Roasters with Rack, available in 14.5-inch and 16.5-inch sizes. Ideal for everyday cooking and holiday entertaining, the Provisions collection is chef-inspired and purpose-built.

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