Frequently Asked Questions

General Hestan Questions

Yes, all 3 Hestan Cookware collections are optimized for induction.  The cookware is designed with wider bases for quick heating and increased surface area.  Magnetic stainless exteriors ensure induction compatibility.  The CopperBond line features a revolutionary wrap-around stainless-steel base for optimized induction efficiency and durability.

No, Hestan cookware is metal utensil safe.  Just avoid sharp metal tools such as knives and forks that can scratch.

You have 45 days from purchase to return the product. To learn more please visit

To return or exchange an item, complete the return form and mail it in with the item you wish to return. The form can be found on your packing slip or downloaded (Click here to download Return Form). Indicate your reason for the return and action to be taken, whether refund, replacement or merchandise credit. Place the Return Form in the package. Be sure to make a copy of the form to keep for your records.

If you do not have your packing slip, please include a letter with your returned items that includes the following information:

Your Name


Phone number

Email address

Order number

Item name/description

Reason for return

Action to be taken (refund, replacement or merchandise credit)

Should you have a problem with your cookware, please contact us by phone to our Consumer Relations Department at 1-877-601-2918.

Our Hestan skillets do not come with lids and they are not available for purchase separately at this time unfortunately.  However, there are pieces within the line that have compatible lids.  Here is a guide below:

8.5″ skillet – 3 qt saucepan, 3 qt soup pot

11″ skillet – 3.5qt sauté, 3.5qt sauteuse, 8qt stockpot

12.5″ skillet – 5 qt sauté

For special requests, please email us at

Hestan cookware has excellent space-saving ability.  It’s stackable and nestable thanks to the graduated sizes and flush interior and exterior rivets.

Both the NanoBond and ProBond lines are designed with optimized 3 ply construction using the highest quality materials.  We worked with chefs who wanted cookware that was lighter weight for better control and handling, yet high performance with quick and even heating.

Handles are made of cast stainless steel that can get hot under some conditions.  Use caution when touching the handles.  Potholders or oven mitts are recommended.

The 3 cookware collections have identical lids, handles and pan body shapes so we encourage mixing and matching according to your cooking needs.

Hestan is not affiliated with Heston Blumenthal in any way.  Hestan is a combination of our founder’s names:  Helen and Stanley Cheng.  Learn more about the Hestan brand and innovative products lines here:

Here are some helpful tips from professional chefs when cooking on stainless steel pans:

Make sure the pan surface is clean

Small attached food particles or residue can provide contact surfaces of the pan.

Allow foods to come to room temperature before adding them to the pan. 

Placing chilled food in a heated pan causes sticking, even in stick-resistant pans.

Make sure the food surface is dry. 

For proteins, such as meat and seafood, pat dry to remove any excess moisture before adding to the pan.  This will enable better browning and food release.

Preheat the pan.

Preheat the dry pan on medium temperatures for a couple of minutes to ensure the pan is properly heated.  Most often, sticking occurs when the pan and oil isn’t hot enough.For searing, you can test for the correct temperature by adding a couple droplets of water in the dry pan.  They should float and “dance” on the surface of the pan and not boil and evaporate.  Remove the water before adding any fat.

Add oil or butter.

A small amount of oil, butter or margarine is needed to lightly coat the surface of the pan.  It’s important to heat the butter or oil to the right temperature so the food surface sears immediately.What to look for:  Butter will melt, crackle and start to foam.  When the butter stops making noise, add the food.  Oil should begin to ripple and spread quickly over the surface of the pan.  Add food to the pan before the oil starts smoking.If you are searing, we recommend using an oil with a higher smoke point like canola oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil or ghee.

Add the food.

For proteins, allow to sear/cook for approximately 2-4 minutes without moving or flipping.  The food may stick initially, but will release on its own once the moisture on the surface has evaporated and browning occurs.After the initial sear, you may need to lower the temperature to continue the cooking process.  Hestan Cookware is extremely conductive requiring less heat.

Don’t overcrowd the pan.  

Crowding lowers the temperature and releases moisture into the pan which prevents proper browning and food release.  If needed, cook in batches.

Hestan cookware is designed with optimized construction and high performance materials.  You may need to use slightly lower heat settings to adjust to this efficiency and increased heat conductivity.

Temporary bluing/discoloration may occur but it is normal and very easy to remove. It’s a food film residue caused by high heat, oil and trace minerals in the food you are cooking. It appears cloudy on stainless steel but more colorful on NanoBond due to the mirror-like surface. You can restore the titanium brilliance every time with a little stainless steel cleaner like Hestan Professional Cleaner and a Scotch-Brite pad. The surface is so resilient, even tough stains like polymerized oil or high heat oxidation can be clean like new, dish after dish.

Please visit to learn more about our Lifetime Warranty.


NanoBond is a breakthrough in stainless steel protection technology.  It’s a unique, patented titanium based nano-technology that produces thousands of super dense and durable metallic layers which bond to the stainless steel, thus sealing it in and protecting it. It is a process never before seen in professional cookware. NanoBond is chemical free, extremely durable, and resistant to staining and scratching, which results in lasting beauty, along with superior performance. NanoBond is durable enough that you can clean it with a steel wool without worry of scratching.

NanoBond is created inside a high heat vacuum chamber using a blend of Titanium and Chromium based alloys. When placed inside the specially designed vacuum chamber the metal alloys are vaporized and then bonded to the stainless steel cookware surface. This technology is used in the medical field when purity is needed and in the aeronautics field for superior hardness, durability, high temperature and corrosion resistance and reduced friction. It’s the first time this game-changing technology is used on professional cookware.

All Hestan cookware is handcrafted in Italy in our own factory.

NanoBond is not nonstick (no PTFE/Teflon or ceramic coatings) however, the extremely smooth glass-like surface releases nicely when properly heated and oiled compared to traditional stainless steel.  It is important to preheat your pan dry for a couple of minutes and then add your oil/butter and heat that as well before adding your food.  NanoBond  has an extremely conductive core so you may need to lower your heat settings until you adjust to the efficiency.  Once the food browns and caramelizes, it releases naturally from the pan.  Resist the urge to move things around the pan early on.

Hestan is the leader in cookware design and manufacturing using state of the art innovation and technology to solve problems, bring unprecedented benefits and elevate the cooking experience. With 14 global patents, top-grade materials and the highest standards in the industry for fit and finish, NanoBond is in a class by itself for premium cookware. Common wear and tear challenges like the images below are solved thanks to these innovations.

Hestan collaborated with many professional chefs who of course work with cookware all day and this was a big factor in the design of NanoBond. Chefs can cook longer and more efficiently without the fatigue of a heavy cookware. NanoBond cookware is made with the highest quality materials to provide superior cooking performance with no additional weight.

NanoBond can withstand heat up to 1,050°F so yes, you can use it on a grill. Unlike typical stainless steel that oxidizes/tarnishes with high temperatures or develops carbonized buildup, NanoBond cleans up beautifully, every time.  Finally, professional quality cookware that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Temporary bluing/discoloration may occur but it is normal and very easy to remove. It’s a food film residue caused by high heat, oil and trace minerals in the food you are cooking. It appears cloudy on stainless steel but more colorful on NanoBond due to the mirror-like impenetrable surface. You can restore the titanium brilliance every time with a little stainless steel cleaner like Hestan Professional Cleaner and a Scotch-Brite pad. The surface is so resilient, even tough stains like polymerized oil or high heat oxidation can be clean like new, dish after dish.

Clad cookware is a sandwich of metals and it’s usually the inner core that conducts the heat evenly throughout the pan.  What matters most are the quality of these materials versus the number of layers.  Hestan NanoBond and ProBond are tri-ply construction with a highly efficient aluminum core called ProCore™ that delivers 35% greater heat conductivity than other aluminum-clad cookware for fast and even heating.  Next to copper, it’s one of the most conductive metals for cookware.  No need for extra layers that add unnecessary weight to the pan and in some cases even impedes the heat.  Hestan cookware is designed to be high performance but lightweight and efficient.

Hestan woks are designed with 2 loop handles instead of a long stick handle so it’s easier to store and for greater versatility.  They are excellent for traditional wok/stir fry cooking but it can also be used for steaming, braising, sautéing and even roasting a chicken in the oven.  NanoBond woks can also be used on outdoor grills and smokers since they are heat safe up to 1,050°F.  For tight quarters like ovens or grills, Hestan woks fit nicely thanks to the compact handle design.  We are looking to add a 14” Stir Fry with a long stick handle in 2021.

Yes, NanoBond is optimized for all stovetops, including induction. It can even be used on a BBQ grill.

With NanoBond’s exclusive ProCore™ aluminum, the cookware is 35% more conductive than other aluminum clad cookware for quick and even heating.

Yes, NanoBond is dishwasher safe. The sealed rims, encapsulated in stainless steel helps to protect the rims from pitting, splitting and even delaminating that can happen in professional kitchens. No exposure to aluminum.

Yes, NanoBond’s durable surface is ultra-smooth and very easy to clean.  It’s extremely non-porous so you can easily remove polymerized/carbonized oil residue that can build up with nonstick spray and high heat on traditional stainless steel cookware.  To clean, use Hestan Cleaner or stainless steel cleaner and a ScotchBrite pad.

NanoBond’s molecular titanium surface covers the entire pan body including the rims. Therefore, your food never comes in direct contact with the 18/10 stainless steel interior which contains 10% nickel.  NanoBond is 100% toxin free and is a safe, non-reactive cooking surface that will not leach metals.

NanoBond is the most durable cookware on the market thanks to advanced technology and innovation that protects it from the usual wear and tear issues seen in cookware.  The molecular titanium surface is 4x harder than stainless steel and extremely resilient against things like scratching, staining, and high heat oxidation.  The surface is 100% toxin free, ultra-smooth and non-porous so it releases food and residue with ease compared to traditional stainless steel.  This technology enables you to use things that usually degrade/ruin other cookware like high heat (safe up to 1,050°F), metal utensils, Scotchbrite/steel wool, dishwasher, nonstick cooking spray, even a grill.  NanoBond cleans up like new, dish after dish.  

316Ti stainless steel only contains a small amount of titanium (.5-.7%) which is combined with other alloys.  It does offer slightly better corrosion resistance than typical stainless steel, but it still does not solve other common issues like scratching/dulling, high heat oxidation and residue oil buildup that is difficult to remove.

For health and safety, NanoBond Cookware is a top choice.  The molecular titanium bonding technology is used in the medical field for purity/non-reactivity and in the aeronautics field for superior hardness and durability.  This produces an impermeable non-porous surface that is 4x harder than stainless steel.  It not only helps to protect the pan from wear and tear issues, it also creates a safe and nonreactive cooking surface that is 100% toxin free. 


CopperBond’s 5-layer construction includes a 1mm core of pure copper for quick heating, exceptional temperature control and even heat distribution.

No, copper cookware should always be washed by hand.  Harsh chemicals in dishwashing detergent will tarnish and discolor copper.

Copper by nature has a tendency to change color or tarnish with use.  Some people prefer this patina look but if you would like it to look shiny and new again, the luster can be brought back easily with copper polish. 


ProBond and NanoBond have a similar tri-ply construction with 18/10 stainless steel as the interior/cooking surface.  Where NanoBond differs is that the 18/10 stainless steel is further protected by thousands of molecular titanium nano-layers that create an incredibly durable and impermeable surface that is 4x harder than stainless steel and ultra-smooth.  

Most clad cookware has open rims where the aluminum core is exposed and can erode with dishwasher use leaving very sharp stainless-steel edges.  Hestan NanoBond and Probond features innovative sealed rims, encapsulated in stainless steel for durability.  It’s truly dishwasher safe forever.  No sharp edges ever.

ProBond TITUM Nonstick

Currently, there are three skillet sizes available with TITUM nonstick (8.5”, 11”, 12.5”) however we will be expanding the assortment in 2021.

We recommend the following:

Always cook on a low or medium heat.  Avoid using high heat.

Never use a nonstick pan under the broiler or on a grill.

Never leave any pan unattended on top of the stove or in the oven.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or metallic scrubbing pads or brushes.

Do not use aerosol cooking spray oils on nonstick.  

For tough interior stains on the nonstick, we recommend a paste of equal parts baking soda and water and a non-scratch sponge.  

For stubborn stains or food residue on the exterior, we recommend a fine-powder/soft cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend and a non-scratch sponge.

Yes, TITUM Nonstick is oven safe up to 500℉, however we do not recommend broiler use.

Yes, TITUM nonstick is extremely durable so metal utensils can be used as long as they are not sharp.  Thanks to the sealed rim construction, TITUM is dishwasher safe.

ProBond TITUM nonstick is PFOA free and a safe non reactive cooking surface.  TITUM nonstick is extremely durable thanks to reinforcement of diamond particles and titanium plasma that anchors the 3 layers of nonstick to the pan.  It is extremely resistant to abrasion and wear and 22x more durable than other nonstick cookware.