Top 5 Tips For Registering For Cookware

Michael Kane, Cookware Concierge

Registering for cookware can be an intimidating but necessary part of building your dream kitchen with that special someone. We want to ensure you have the very best cookware money can buy, so our own Cookware Concierge, Michael Kane, shares his tips and helpful hints for registering for cookware.

What should couples consider when registering for cookware?

Become knowledgeable about what distinguishes one brand from another. Across all collections, Hestan Culinary is renowned for chef-inspired features such as flush rivets to eliminate pesky food build-up and sealed rims to prevent dangerous wear and tear. Hestan is the most awarded cookware on the market, with our CopperBond and ProBond collections winning the 2021 Good Design Award and our NanoBond skillets winning the 2021 Good Housekeeping Kitchen Gear Award for "Best Go-To Pan."

If possible, it's best to handle the cookware; the handles should be comfortable and well balanced in your hand. Our NanoBond, ProBond and CopperBond collections boast ergonomic, French-inspired handles while our Thomas Keller Insignia collection features a bespoke, seamless handle, a new innovation in cookware. There is a very wide range in quality and therefore price. That's why our cookware is crafted in Italy with the finest materials, to ensure that each piece is built to last a lifetime instead of purchasing a lower-end brand of cookware and having to replace it often. This is a long term decision, so it is worth the extra time investigating all possibilities to protect your investment.

What cookware items are recommended to have a well-rounded collection for everyday cooking?

Our NanoBond Ultimate 10 piece set is by far our best seller and I think it is because it is the perfect combination of pots and pans for anyone setting up a kitchen. It contains 2 skillets (8.5" & 11"), 2 saucepans (1.5qt & 3qt), a 5qt saute pan and an 8 qt stock pot. This set contains key staples any couple would need to start their dream kitchen.

Are there any Hestan products that are “must-haves” for couples who are registering?

The NanoBond line offers benefits that no other cookware company can, so my "must -have" pics would come from this line. They would include an 11" skillet, 3qt saucepan or 3qt soup pot, and the 5qt essential pan. Our patented Molecular Titanium technology bonds thousands of titanium nano-layers to 18/10 stainless steel construction, creating a brilliantly resilient surface 400% stronger than typical stainless steel; NanoBond is the Tesla of cookware. As I answer this I find myself equivocating over my choice as there are so many "must haves!"

Are sets a good option to consider when couples are registering?

Individual pieces or a set. Sets can be more expensive than what one person might be willing to spend, on the other hand, sometimes a group of guests combine their purchases into one big gift. Many couples register for each piece individually and the set and then configure their collection once everything has been gifted. This is a wish list, so don't leave anything out.

Any additional thoughts or insights that might be helpful are welcomed!

Since you will have your cookware for many years, plan for growth, not only of your family but your cooking skills as well. Don't sell yourself short by selecting an inexpensive set to save a few dollars now and have to replace a few months down the road. When you choose Hestan, you're choosing the best quality cookware money can buy and because each of our collections are meant to last for a lifetime of cooking, it ends up being more cost-effective. Thinking ahead and making a good investment now will save you money down the road. Italian-crafted with top-of-the-line quality and unbeatable innovation, Hestan is the best choice for equipping your dream kitchen.

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