Interior Designer x Hestan Ambassador Kerrie Kelly and Her Philosophy for Investing In Quality Cookware

Kerrie Kelly, Interior Designer & Hestan Brand Ambassador

About Kerrie Kelly
Kerrie Kelly knows that Everyone Deserves Great DesignTM. With that vision, Kerrie founded her California-based Kerrie Kelly Design Lab (KKDL) in 1995 to make great design more accessible. As CEO & Creative Director of KKDL, she leads a team of exceptional designers and has built long-term relationships with her brand partners.

Kerrie’s background in construction and business drives her innovation in the field of interior design, which goes hand in hand with Hestan's constant drive for culinary perfection through innovation. Here, she shares her testimonial on why Hestan cookware is the only choice, through the lens of interior design and top tips for investing in the best cookware money can buy.

Kerrie's Take on Hestan Cookware Performance
"Being an interior designer is all about the timeless thoughtful details. After completing my Hestan Home renovation, the obvious next step was to complement our home with all of the Hestan Culinary cookware. The beauty of the collections can be easily mixed and matched to elevate your cooking lifestyle aesthetically and through performance. The Hestan Culinary lines not only celebrate my love for food, but innovation, as well. Each cookware piece combines high-performance and highly-durable materials delivering cookware that cooks beautifully and looks stunning for years to come."

Kerrie's "Buy Once, Buy Well" Philosophy and How That Relates to Hestan
"When we design for clients, we encourage them to buy once and to buy well. Investing in a Hestan cookware set fits this philosophy—it is truly the last cookware set you will ever need to purchase. I also love how Hestan is constantly adding new products to the collections. It gives home-chefs the option to curate pieces over time or add to their collections as new pieces are introduced, just as they would for art work and décor collections in their home."

Kerrie Kelly wearing Hestan x Hedley & Bennett Chef's Apron in Citra

"Just as you purchase fluffy towels and high thread-count linens for newly renovated bedrooms and baths in your home, your kitchen deserves the same thoughtful finishing touches. No kitchen is complete without the appropriate Hestan cookware to elevate your everyday in the heart of your home."


View Kerrie's mouthwatering recipes that include her key Hestan cookware pieces she can't live without, like the NanoBond 5qt Dutch Oven, used to make her Chicken Parmesan or the NanoBond Butterwarmer, used to make her Key Lime Pie.

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