Hestan's Sustainable Approach


Here at Hestan, sustainability is a key pillar of our brand. From our manufacturing processes to our packaging made from 100% recycled materials, we’re committed to doing what’s right for the environment and a more sustainable future.


Amongst our packaging are our biodegradable packing peanuts that are packed in every shipment of cookware. The plant-based peanuts fill voids and effectively block and brace products inside the box and are exceptionally resistant to shocks and high pressure to ensure that your cookware arrives in the best quality. They are also:

  • Pet, people, and planet-friendly
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Environmentally friendly to all ecosystems such as lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans
  • Leaves no toxic substances or pollutants in the soil
  • Water-soluble – dissolves in water

See the Sustainability in Action

Hestan's Reycle Cookware Event