Curated by Chef Thomas Keller: Limited Stock Insignia Cookware Sets

When we sat down at the Insignia drawing board with Chef Thomas Keller, his highest priority was creating a cookware collection that genuinely elevated the culinary experience with improved form, function and performance. This began with curating the vessel types themselves – which include chef favorites not typically found outside of restaurant kitchens. For instance, Sauciers feature a rounded base like a mixing bowl - perfect for working with creamy dishes and risottos. Insignia Rondeaus offer a chef-friendly shape and sizing perfectly suited for roasting, broiling and braising. 

Versatility and usability were paramount. This is especially evident in the Insignia 7-piece and 11-piece sets. Chef Keller put great thought into the optimum combination of pieces to equip you for success. The inclusion of his universal lids also means these set counts aren’t inflated with gratuitous lids. 

Available in limited quantities, please note, we expect these carefully-curated sets to sell out quickly. Pre-order to ensure you get the perfect set for you.

Universal lids mean set counts aren’t inflated with unnecessary lids for each cookware piece.  

11-Piece Set

The ultimate Insignia collection includes restaurant workhorses like the rondeau and saucier as well as stainless and TITUM nonstick sauté pans – so you’re ready for any dish or dinner party. 

Includes: 1.5qt Sauce Pot, 3qt Sauce Pot, 4qt Sauce Pot, 8qt Stock Pot2qt Saucier, 6qt Rondeau, 11" Sauté Pan, 12.5" Sauté Pan, 8.5" TITUM™ NonStick Sauté Pan, 8.5" Universal Lid, 12.5" Universal Lid

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7-Piece Set

The 7-piece set instantly upgrades your kitchen with the performance, versatility and utility you need to conquer any recipe. 

Includes: 3qt Sauce Pot, 4qt Sauce Pot, 8qt Stock Pot, 2qt Saucier, 8.5" Sauté Pan, 11" Sauté Pan, 12.5" Universal Lid

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Set of 2 Sauté Pans

From steaks to scallops, the sauté pan is the go-to piece of cookware in every kitchen. And Insignia offers another level of culinary performance with 35% greater heat conduction and 20% more cooking surface than most stainless cookware. You’ll find yourself reaching for these sauté pans again and again. 

Includes: 12.5” Sauté Pan, 11” Sauté Pan

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TITUM™ Nonstick Sauté Pan Set

Yes, even Chef Keller uses nonstick for certain dishes. But this isn’t just any nonstick. Reinforced with diamonds and titanium, TITUM™ is the world’s most durable nonstick made without PFOAs. The slightly textured cooking surface also delivers exceptional browning and searing. 

Includes: 8.5” TITUM™ Nonstick Sauté Pan, 11” TITUM™ Nonstick Sauté Pan

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Chef-Crafted Cookware
Our newest cookware collection, Insignia was born from Chef Thomas Keller’s decades of experience helming America’s most acclaimed restaurant kitchens. Watch to learn the full story on Insignia’s purpose-built pieces.

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